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Is It True Jane Torvill Will Be Appearing On Dancing On Ice?

Is it true Jane Torvill will be appearing on Dancing on Ice?

Jane Torvill is known for her wonderful ice skating with partner Christopher Dean. The duo will be famous to many as ‘Torvill and Dean’, when they were well known celebrities for their wonderful ice skating in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Now, it looks as if the pair are making a come back as it has been announced that they are currently in talks with ITV to make a come back on the show Dancing on Ice.

ITV managers are currently looking at reintroducing the failed show which left screens in 2014 after Torvill and Dean quit. At the time they said that they wanted to quit while they were still very much at the top of their game. Instead, it look as is they are about to sign a contract to have roles as mentors to the new programmes contestants.

It is thought that ITV do not wish the new series to go ahead without the pair, as it is felt that it would not make a successful series if it is not them that are the stars in it. It just wouldn’t be the same claimed ITV.

At the time that they left the show in 2014, the couple explained that they feel that they had ‘completed’ their career since they were first made famous by winning the 1984 Olympic games. A fantastic achievement for a British ice skating duo to say the least. The decision was then taken by ITV that the show would be scrapped. It was felt at the time that this was the right decision and that the Dancing on Ice show simply was unable to continue without the pair presenting it. It seemed like a natural, sensible decision at the time to end the show that way and one that both Torvill, Dean and the ITV mutually respected.

However, since it ended the couple have hinted that the show was certainly not forgotten. In fact Dean hinted that both he and Jayne would consider a return to the show several times since.

The show was very popular when it was first aired in 2006. However, by the time that it ended in 2014, the viewing figures had declined from 13 million to just 6 million. The feeling is now, however, that perhaps the show was discontinued to early and instead producers should have been thinking of a refresh for it. That seems to be exactly what the intention is right now, with the famous skating duo once again in talks with ITV producers of the show. It is definitely one to watch in 2017, and just maybe Dancing on Ice will return to television screens across the country!

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