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How To Create Marketable Designs For Shirts

How to Create Marketable Designs for Shirts

There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to sell quality clothing such as t-shirts. While the designs might depend on trends, custom shirts never go out of style, opening up endless opportunities to make a profit. The tricky part is to create a design that is marketable enough for people to purchase no matter the season. Fortunately, while it is challenging it is certainly not impossible. It is all about making the designs with a certain kind of mindset. Here are just a few tips for creating a marketable design for shirts!

Ensure that everything else about the shirt you are selling is worth buying

While the design will likely take the charge as the biggest reason to buy a shirt, it does not mean that you can neglect all the other aspects of personalised clothing. For example, the garment needs to be a quality that people will want to purchase – otherwise, you will find people attracted to what you are selling, only for them to realise that the garment is subpar, leading to a possible refund.

Another vital aspect would be the quality of the print. Fortunately, there are plenty of services out there that offer high quality t shirt printing. Only when you have covered all of the bases and ensured that everything is of an acceptable quality should you move forward with the design.

Subtlety is your friend when it comes to marketable design

While loud designs do have their place in the personalised clothing market, it does not mean that it will always succeed. If you want to create something that will sell no matter the season, always keep subtlety in mind. After all, you want people to look twice when they glance at your design – but not enough that it overwhelms them. To get that sweet spot, concentrate on subtlety when building your design. You will find that most of the timeless designs in the personalised shirt market often have simple foundations.

A quick tip to keeping things subtle

Do not merge more than three ideas into one design – try to blend in just two or three, and limit yourself to what you can do with the design. Give yourself time to think about how best to blend certain ideas into a single image, as it is more challenging than people give it credit for. Creative constraints have a habit of producing the best results, and you will be able to do the same with enough time and effort. If you are having trouble, there are plenty of brands out there that utilise a clever combination of ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Creating a commercial design is all about keeping it simple while being able to blend a few ideas into a single image. It gives people something to think about immediately on first glance, while the simple design allows them to understand the message right away. If you can replicate the subtlety, you would be surprised how profitable it can be.


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