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Common Complaints During A Conference And How To Avoid Them

Common Complaints During a Conference and How to Avoid Them

No conference is perfect. It is possible for you to face issues during a conference and you also cannot please everyone in attendance. The least that you can do is identify the common problems and find ways to avoid them.

Boring conference

It is the usual comment by people attending an event. You can avoid it by providing attendees with a variety of activities. Focusing only on speeches and presentations will not attract anyone. Even if the topics are novel and exciting, they will not be enough for many people. Make sure that you also provide entertainment to break the ice during the programme.

Terrible food 

You cannot provide everyone with what they need regarding food. The best thing is to collect data on meal preferences before the conference so that you can avoid serving food that some people might not eat. You can also offer a variety of choices for everyone to enjoy. Again, you cannot please all attendees, but at least they will not starve.

Uninteresting topics

You cannot organise a conference without a purpose. Make sure that you have topics that everyone would love to listen to; otherwise, you might not even have enough people who register. You can also break down different topics and allow people to choose which expert they want to listen to.

Crowded venue

The problem is when you chose the wrong venue for the conference. Determine the number of people who are coming to the event so that you can choose the right place. If you are expecting many people to come, you can book a large conference room like the ones offered by You also need a venue located in an area with fascinating scenery and picturesque places. If the event is going on for several days, you need to organise the sleeping arrangements of the guests.

Lack of staff

People come in and out of the conference venue. Several things might happen at the same time. It is common for many people to complain about some aspects of the event. Therefore, you need staff who will be present, in case people complain; otherwise, they will feel like no one is listening to them.

No time to relax

You need to create a schedule while imagining yourself as one of the attendees. Yes, you want to do a lot of things during the event and try to do them all within the time that you have. However, if you sense that the schedule starts to become packed, you need to cancel some of them or make some parts optional; otherwise, you will hear complaints about a terrible programme. If you think you would not enjoy the event yourself, you can expect everyone else to feel the same way.

Again, you cannot please everyone at an event involving hundreds of attendees. However, you can minimise the causes of potential problems and address them even before the conference begins. You will also find it easier next time if you know where to focus your attention.


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